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Adeline's Portal, March 29 - November 3, 2013

Lines between past and present blur as the Chrysler Museum of Art invites internationally acclaimed artist Beth Lipman to exhibit a new work, Adeline’s Portal, in the historic Moses Myers House at 608 E. Freemason Street, Norfolk.

Precarious Possessions, January 17 - March 9, 2013

In her solo exhibition, Precarious Possessions, we see the continuation of the Artist's exploration of this concept on a grand scale. Lipman's new works explore aspects of growth and decay, desire and consumption, and the literal embodiment of ourselves in our possessions. | Press Release

0-60: The Experience of Time Through Contemporary Art, March 24 - August 11, 2013

After acquiring Beth Lipman's masterpiece Bride for its permanent collection, the North Carolina Museum of Art will include the piece in its collaborative, multimedia exhibition examining the intersection of time and art by artists who employ innovative and experimental techniques in their work. The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue.

The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art has acquired for its permanent collection Beth Lipman's Pocket Watch, Books, Skull, and Candles, C-print mounted to Plexiglas.

The Jewish Museum recently commissioned, Laid Table with Etrog Container and Pastry Molds, for their permanent collection.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco M.H. de Young Memorial Museum acquires Candlesticks, Books, Flowers, and Fruit

A gift from Dorothy Saxe in honor of John Buchanan, contemporary glass artist Beth Lipman’s Candlesticks, Books, Flowers and Fruit (2010) is installed as a dramatic centerpiece of Gallery 25 at the de Young, which features our nineteenth-century trompe l’oeil paintings. By placing Lipman's sculpture, along with works by contemporary artists such as Richard Shaw (b. 1941) and David Regan (b. 1964), in a gallery of predominantly nineteenth-century still lives, we underscore the persistent resonance of the still life genre, which can reflect both an artist’s mastery of technique and the philosophical, spiritual, or moral questions of an age.

Beth Lipman awarded Pollack-Krasner Grant

Beth Lipman is honored to have received a grant from the Pollack-Krasner Foundation. | Press Release

Detroit Institute of Arts Announcement

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the American studio-glass movement with the opening of the renovated Aviva and Jack A. Robinson glass gallery on Wednesday, April 4. The gallery, which is dedicated solely to displaying studio glass, will feature new cases, upgraded lighting and two stunning new acquisitions: Still Life with Vines (2011) by Beth Lipman and Spirit Box (2009) by Preston Singletary. | Press Release

Beth Lipman named USA Fellow

Beth Lipman is honored to be awarded the 2011 United States Artists Berman Bloch Fellowship.

One and Others, Jan. 18, 2012 - May 27, 2012

The still life, One and Others, is a site-specific installation commissioned by the Norton Museum of Art. It is a composite "portrait" of the museum, an early settler to Palm Beach, Richard Hone, and the artist. The work includes pineapple flowers, leaves, and fruit, gazing balls from David Teniers the Younger's The Interior of a Nobleman's Gallery and multiple floral swags referring to Daniel Seghers's A Garland of Pink Roses, a Tulip, a Pink Carnation, Narcissi and Other Flowers with Blue Bows as well numerous other objects found in the museum's permanent collection paintings. The entire composition balances atop a casket that is custom fitted to the artist's dimensions.