Sneak Peak of Secretary with Chipmunk / by Beth Lipman

Soon to be on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Secretary with Chipmunk, commissioned by the Chipstone Foundation

Secretary with Chipmunk reincarnates an 18th century Boston Bombe desk and bookcase into a work of art that illuminates ways in which we learn. It explores the origins of an individual’s knowledge by focusing on both concrete and intangible ways that we understand our world and ourselves.

To create Secretary with Chipmunk, all counterfeit components were removed, some were burnt, and the ash incorporated into the hand-sculpted glass composition. The work transforms the capital and feet into a three dimensional grotto and the doors, fall board, and interior depict the five senses through the use of human anatomical illustrations and symbolic cultural objects.  

Secretary with Chipmunk incorporates multiple levels of engagement in the public and private realm. In some circumstances participants have the opportunity see, hear, smell, touch, and taste aspects of this sculpture.